Tapping into your look

People often find it hard to articulate what epitomizes them visually speaking.  I have one client who really values my skills in this area.  I’m always happy for clients to be as little or as much involved in the process as they wish.  This client wants to be able to hand over to me her holiday card or invitation and not have to think about it, knowing it’s in good hands.  She’s thrilled when a quick verbal sketch of the vision she has in mind comes back ‘better than I could have imagined’, as she put it once.

One of the things I offer is a knack for tapping into what sort of look will suit you and your style.  Let me give you some insight into my process.  Recently I designed this card for a wedding  shower:

Love & lily of the valley card

I specifically wanted it reflect the ‘traditional but with a modern gleam-in-the-eye twist’ I saw in the bride.  This led me to choose that most sweet, beautiful and traditional of flower: lily of the valley.  It has many meanings, but my favorite is ‘return to happiness’.  I combined the curves of the flowers with a flowing, confident script for the word ‘Love’ – to underscore the traditional part of the card.

Turning to the modern twist, I portrayed the blooms, chose the colors and made the overall design with a modern eye.  I wanted to make sure the card had nothing in common with a sentimental Victorian card.

Modern Eye Victorian Card

This is one example of how I create a design that will speak to you and of you.  Let me help you create the vision that epitomizes your occasion and your style.

In my next blog post I will discuss doing this for an organization – branding.