How to Choose a Graphic Designer

Choosing a graphic designer can be overwhelming – a simple web search can leave you reeling and more confused.  Here are a few tips to help you select a graphic designer with whom you’ll be thrilled.

Recommendations: Word of mouth recommendations are the best.  Friends and business acquaintances will give you a good starting point.

Is the graphic designer’s style your vibe: Although a graphic designer should be versatile, you will know to which style you’re drawn.  Spend some time with online portfolios of those you admire to get a feel for their work.  If you’re seeking someone to design a logo or an wedding invitation, don’t just look at these areas of the portfolio.  Consider all the designs as well as the website itself.  This will give you a good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the the designer and help you choose the person with the right design approach.

Your Voice: Your graphic design should articulate who you are – not speak of the graphic designer’s style.  How much versatility do you see in a particular graphic designer’s portfolio?  If all the designs have a particular stamp then you won’t get a design that speaks of who you are and tells your story.

Rapport: Your graphic design will represent you: branding, an invitation, a logo.  It is important that you feel comfortable with the person who is going make something that is in essence intimate to your voice.  A good graphic designer is able grasp your vision and articulate that in the design.  This requires good communication.

Process: Make sure you understand what the graphic designer is offering and what to expect.  How many designs will be prepared for your consideration?  Will there be any research planned?  What is the provision for edit rounds of the design?  It’s important there are no misunderstandings.  Don’t forget what you want from the process – do you want to be involved or not, for example?

If you break down finding a graphic designer into such manageable steps you’ll find you have a rewarding partnership with the designer you choose.

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