What’s Your Wedding Invitation Style?

Yes, you can have a traditional wedding invitation with timeless panache!

My mission is to create the essence of what will speak of you and your wedding.  With a little guidance I can cut through all the overwhelming possibilities and choice so that when you see my designs you’ll feel I’ve captured the spirit of your wedding.  This is one of my great strengths and a wonderful  reason to work with me on your wedding invitation suite.

Lets say that when we talk it becomes clear you’re looking for something traditional that is sleek – more geometric than floral.  You don’t want an invitation that could have been made a hundred years ago – you’re not thinking retro or vintage – but you want to keep to the conventions.  Your style is updated traditional.

Here are two different suites that fit your bill – they are inspired by a mod and art deco style, but take on a flair of their own:

a geometric wedding invitation suite inspired by Art Deco style

As you can see, this isn’t vintage but has all the elements of a traditional wedding invitation design and modern pizzazz.

Of course it’s fun to give a vintage or retro feel – it’s all about the look you want to achieve.  With some tweaks, my second treatment is contemporary with a hint of Art Deco flavor:

A modern take on Art Deco wedding invitation suite

An added boon is that these wedding invitation suites suit gay weddings too.  Many of the less-traditional wedding invitations out there are not going be right for two chaps getting married (as wedding invitations tend to lean towards a feminine style).  That’s not to say men don’t have more personal style wedding invitation ideas – stay tuned for a blog post on that.

Getting to the heart of your style can be overwhelming – but I can help make sure that you have the wedding invitation that epitomizes your celebration.