Easter Traditions in Graphic Design

Old Vintage Black and White Easter


Easter comes early this year.  In DC we find the idea of the White House Easter Egg Roll enchanting.  Here’s what it looked like in earlier days:


Vintage Black and White Photo of Easter Egg Hunt


Different places have different Easter traditions.  My father was Hungarian and I remember making with him ‘piros tojás’ or red eggs for Easter.  The eggs are dyed red and then a needle is used to scratch out a pattern.  These are often intricate and very beautiful


Red Easter Eggs


Here are some pattern ideas for piros tojás:


Red Easter Egg Patterns


People have sent each other Easter Cards for a long time – and I like that this card is also a paper doll!


Victorian Easter Card with Paper Doll


Chicks and bunnies have always featured prominently:


Antique Chick Easter Image

Antique Vintage Bunny Easter Card


Do you celebrate Easter?  What are your traditions? Why not make it a tradition to send out custom made Easter cards from Antonia Designs?