Networking for Success

Shout Out

I’m very excited to have joined a BNI Chapter.  BNI – Business Network International – is a way for small to medium size businesses to get out the word.  BNI is an international networking organization built along the ideas of structured referrals.  When you hear the words ‘I need a’ or ‘I’m not happy with’ it’s great to be able to suggest another BNI member.

You get to know the different people in your BNI Chapter and other Chapters very well and understand what they have to offer.  This way you can give enthusiastic referrals and help people find the help they seek.  As the BNI philosophy says ‘givers gain’.

We’re all looking to get good help, and it’s even better if that help is a local small business that can give you competitive, personalized service.  You never know who’s going to give you a great referral – when you’re seeking a service, it never hurts to ask.

If you’re seeking custom graphic design services please contact me.