Bridal Shower Invitation – Design Process

Recently I designed this bridal shower invitation that illustrates well my process for designing a party invitation and also what differentiates Antonia Designs.  The bride sent me some ideas – she wanted it to be floral though somewhat stylized – perhaps paisley or damask.  She also wanted hot pink to match her wedding color and the color of her save the date cards.  I came up with the several ideas and we tweaked them.  Some members of her family preferred one design, some the other – I think both are lovely and have different strengths.  We went with the one that the bride preferred and which suited her own personal style better.


This design has harmonious balance to it, a gorgeous timeless balance that pleases the eye.


This design has great movement and is more contemporary.  Using a colored background makes the roses pop.  Of course you could mix and match – use the contrasting background in the more traditional invitation.

Here’s an inspiration board for I made to show you how I came up with the  final designs. Inspiration Board for Bridal Shower Invitation

One of the things that sets me apart is a strong background in art and history of art, which gives me much inspiration.  Typeface too will be important in your invitation – I have studied Typeface at Parsons and understand its design nuances.

With Antonia Designs on the job, that expertise will shine through in your invitations.