Passion – Dateline London

There’s a quality of engagement that shines through when your heart sings – it can’t be faked, and its absence shows if you don’t have passion for what you do.   I was reminded of this not once but twice during my recent trip to the UK – Passion – Dateline London!

To celebrate my dearest friend’s milestone birthday, a group of us went to Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons – Raymond Blanc’s amazing Michelin stars restaurant near Oxford.

risotto of spring vegetables with chervil creamEach course was small and exquisite – what a combination of flavors, colors, textures with extraordinary presentation. My highlights were a beetroot terrine with horseradish sorbet and the risotto of spring vegetables with chervil cream – which was spring incarnate.

beetroot terrine with horseradish sorbet

The icing on the cake was a tour of the kitchen and hearing more about how the menus evolve.   They have a kitchen garden with many varieties of the same vegetable – so if they are looking for spinach in a new dish, they will taste test the different varieties from the garden and then order the most complementary from their supplier when the dish is on the menu.  No wonder each dish is a masterpiece!

My second passionate experience, in London, was very different.  Mum and I were lucky enough to go to the David Bowie exhibit at the V&A. Talk about brilliant, inspirational, another world.  You get huge headphones with excellent sound quality that tune into different parts of the room.   So as you left a video of him singing on stage it would tune into the interview you were drawn to.  This all encompassing visual and sound sensation creates an intense experience.

Here is passion again – Bowie has a passion that is fed from all areas of life.  There’s a great article on the exhibit in the New York Review of Books that sums it all up:

He drew his inspiration from anything that happened to catch his fancy: Christopher Isherwood’s Berlin of the 1930s, Hollywood divas of the 1940s, Kabuki theater, William Burroughs, English mummers, Jean Cocteau, Andy Warhol, French chansons, Buñuel’s surrealism, and Stanley Kubrick’s movies, especially A Clockwork Orange, whose mixture of high culture, science fiction, and lurking menace suited Bowie to the ground.

Raymond Blanc and David Bowie are incredibly talented – they have astonishing technical ability but it is something else that takes them to another level.  Without their passion their art would not resonate.  We’ve all heard technically accomplished musicians who don’t bring emotion to their pieces and thus their music ends up feeling flat. Passion is essential.

beetroot terrine with horseradish sorbet

David Bowie

How do you personally align your passion so that when you look back on your day you’ve been fully engaged?  How do you live your life with zest?  I’m successfully aligning my passion for design – and the designs I create for you will reap those benefits.