The Road to Unusual Wedding Invitations

Some couples look for the elegance of a traditional wedding invitation with it’s wonderful paper, superlative typeface and perhaps a delicious pattern for a border.  Other couples see an unusual and innovative wedding invitation – their style is to cause a personal splash with a design that is original and captures their essence that way.  Here are some ways to accomplish this:

Metal Invitations

Metal is a cutting edge idea for someone who likes unusual wedding invitations.  Planning an Art Deco themed wedding?  Those lovely metallic geometric shapes are back in style with the release of the the new adaptation of The Great Gatsby.  A metal wedding invitation would cause a splash.  I can help you design fantastic Art deco wedding invitations that would be stunning on metal.

Wooden Wedding Invitations

Wood can add a new dimension to your wedding invitation, like this example – we can think wonderful texture in the design

Or this approach:

Your Theme Captured in the Wedding invitation is Captivating

Perhaps you’re style is paper, you can still have an unusual design that hits the spot.  I’m really taken with this French Garden Party themed wedding invitation.

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