Art Deco, Auntie Kay and Style


My Art Deco – Great Gatsby inspired wedding suite – as a memory to Auntie Kay


Auntie Kay 2

Auntie Kay and my mum – probably the mid-1930s

My Great Aunt Kay was a gorgeous and elegant woman.  She had exquisite taste and was in her prime during London in the Art Deco era.  Of course I remember her later in life and what stood out for me were her loving warmth and excellent cooking.  She could make a classic English Sunday roast to rival anyone.  I remember Uncle Johnny best for slipping me £10 notes – undreamed of riches.  Their daughter, Cousin Val, was a teacher and a lot of fun.  She was the MC at my fifth birthday party – the year we lived in Oxford – and all us little girls had a ball.  Pass the parcel was my favorite game that year.

Auntie Kay

Auntie Kay and Uncle Johnny. I’m assuming Cousin Val was in the pram which would make it the early 1930s

I am lucky enough to have Auntie Kay’s rings and their family photos.  Mum and I have been enjoying some nostalgia going through them – and I’ve learned a few new family stories.  My mum’s family was not dull – let me just say they were bookmakers … .

This summer in particular is evocative of that Art Deco era with The Great Gatsby themes  everywhere we turn.  Auntie Kay has been lending some vision for my designs this season and she’s very much on my mind.  I hear her voice encouraging me and enjoy that she’s still such a presence in my life.

Auntie Kay 3

Auntie Kay and Uncle Johnny on the beach.

My sense of style and taste – and how I develop my feel for inspiration – has quite a bit of roots in my family.  We just imbibe these things as we grow up – don’t you think?  How has your family affected your own style?