Elegant Menu for a Wedding

Elegant wedding reception menu

This elegant wedding reception menu will be tucked in each of the guests’ napkins.  The overall effect I created is one of airy, effortless elegance.

Just look at that wonderful typeface – it’s a beautiful calligraphy but also clear and legible. This typeface epitomizes the bride, so I worked to create a wedding monogram that shouts elegance.  It’s one of the ways I created a harmonious, elegant whole.

We also spent some time thinking about color – what color typeface would work best.  The table linens are white and the floral centerpieces are shades of pink with pops of bright, hot pink.  The bride loves bright colors!  We wanted a typeface color that brings it all together – pink would probably be too matchy-matchy and quite tricky overall.  We hit upon this wonderful plum color for the typeface.  It’s rich and deep.  The dark, dark, subtle plum tone in it embraces the flowers.

Words are important too – all these details can really matter when creating an atmosphere. For the first course, we did not want to have ‘first course’ on the menu –  too generic and cold.  How about ‘starters’ – too British.  The American equivalent is ‘appetizer.’ That would be fine, but ‘salad’ is more descriptive and in keeping with the actual food.  Yes, this is more-or-less an actual conversation I had with the bride’s mother.