Bus Schedule – Wedding Paper Details

Bus Schedule for a Wedding in front of a red vase with black leaves


It’s just the bus schedule – who cares about that?  Yet there are reasons to care.

I designed this note for the gift bag given to guests staying at the hotel.  What we’re interested in here is the visual – not so much what the words say.  Getting right the balance and flow of text on page is essential and painstaking.  But it’s worth it when the finished piece is this pleasing – simple and delightful.

Bus Schedule for a Wedding Close-up

Of course, actually being able to read and understand the information is key!  It has the bus schedule from the hotel to and from the wedding ceremony. We chose a clear typeface and the essential bus schedule pops out.

Printed on luscious linen paper, this bus schedule was threaded through the handle of a navy gift bag.  It is anything but pedestrian.  We even put in the hot pink boarder!

Sometimes people wonder if their guests even notice.  Putting all your wedding paper into my hands means that I will take care of all these small details that are worth getting right. Some people do notice – you’ll be surprised what captures a guest’s eye.  But having all the details come together is an integral part of how you create a harmonious whole that captures the spirit of your wedding.  Everyone remembers that.