Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Trifold Bar Mitzvah Invitation shown open and closed in temple

Trifold Bar Mitzvah Invitation shown open and closed

While pondering a Bar Mitzvah invitation design I ruminated over the Tree of Life.  This is a lovely theme based on a famous prayer ‘Etz Chaim’ about grabbing hold of the tree of life – which is, of course, a metaphor for learning and Torah study.  There was a stew of things bubbling about in my head and then it came to me – wouldn’t it be interesting to have the Torah contained in the tree of life.  Well, this took me to some quite exciting places.

Closed Tree of Life and Torah Bar Mitzvah Invitation in Temple

open Bar Mitzvah Invitation in Temple
Chagall Painting of Man holding hands with flying woman


The style took its tone from Chagall.  I particularly wanted the trees to echo people and I wanted movement.  I loved the idea of a ‘gate fold’ card – where it opened in the middle – because things being revealed seems very important for a Bar Mitzvah. It was important too that what was revealed inside would be a rich treasure.

Tree of Life Watercolor painting



I often like to get my inspiration from fine art and then see where it takes me.  I love using this to bring to life your ideas.