Weddings of Yesterday

Isn’t it nostalgic to look through your parent’s and grandparent’s wedding album and enjoy the ebb and flow of wedding dress fashions?  What are future generations going to say about  today’s styles?  Will they sigh and say ‘Mom – what were you thinking with the strapless dress? It’s so 2010s’ or will they sigh dreamily and say ‘Mom – you look so beautiful’.  Whatever the current fashion – make sure your wedding style speaks to who you are.

Here are some wedding dresses to enjoy courtesy of the Library of Congress and the National Archives:


What an incredible veil!

Early 1900's bride with flowers and veil


This style was very Edwardian – and everyone wore gloves.

Early 1900's bride with flowers, veil, and gloves


Absolutely beautiful lace – you rarely see that quality today.

1920s Bride in Lace Dress

Isn’t that skirt to die for?  I love the asymmetrical aspect and the feathers on the bottom are divine.

1920s Bride with Father



Such a tender moment and love the design of the bodice – the neckline, sleeves and detail.

1940s Bride Kissing Groom in front of guests


So many newly marrieds were immediately parted by The Second world War.

1940s Bride and Groom walking down stairs



1950s bridesmaids walking out of house

The bridesmaids are all ready.


Big hats, dresses reminiscent of folk styles and long flowing hair with a natural look – this is quintessentially nineteen seventies.

1970s Bridal Party wearing wide brimmed hats

Now that we’re generally getting married later – doesn’t she look young and lovely?

1970s Bridal Portrait in soft lighting