Quality – Ring Bearers and Flower Girls

This week I’m going to be controversial.  I’m going to take a stand, so hold onto your hat.

Everyone loves ring bearers and flower girls – there’s nothing more adorable than seeing them walk up the aisle and perhaps going a bit off the script in a charming way.  But what should your adorable little niece or nephew wear?  I’ve been absolutely captivated by these stunning outfits from the Australian blog Polka Dot Bride.

Flower girl in white dress with lace sleeves at iron gate


Just look at how beautiful and fresh these are, the delightful detail. What stands out for me is not just the delicious style but also the quality of fabric and cut.


Flower girls running hand in hand


All too often we see flower girl dresses that are cheap tulle or nylon lace or polyester silk. I’ve nothing against these fabrics, in fact I adore them – but these days so often their quality is wanting.



flower girl in grey dress with bouquet

I grew up with a mother who was in the antique business and I routinely handled beautiful Edwardian lace and slinky  nineteen thirties silk evening dresses that hugged curves.  This quite ruined me for what often passes as these fabrics in the modern world.

So how is a bride to dress a wonderful child as her flower girl?  I say you can’t go wrong with a beautifully cut, good quality cotton or linen dress (preferably starched). It looks expensive and elegant.

I also have to admit to an aversion for little boys in tuxes.

flower girl and ring bearer meet

ring bearer with flowers and boater hat


This is a personal foible perhaps because tuxes for ring bearers have never been in fashion in the UK.






I find the cheekiness of these ring bearer outfits delightfully engaging and I am absolutely in love with the boater hat.







To me, quality is paramount.  Rest assured that if you put your wedding invitations in my hands the paper/wood/metal – whatever you use – will be of a superior caliber.