Texture for your Wedding Invitation

Recently texture has been on my mind because of a trip I’ve just made to the UK.  Mum and I went to Wales to visit family and took a swing by Dylan Thomas’ boathouse. He moved there in the late Nineteen-Forties so patterns were everywhere.

Dylan Thomas Boathouse Living Room

This got me thinking.  I’m rather a texture person myself, but it’s not all about pattern.  It’s also about grain and feel.  A few days after seeing Dylan Thomas’ boathouse I went to an incredible small Gauguin exhibition at Somerset House and fell in love with his wood cuts. Apparently he used all sorts of tools on the wood the get just the effect he sought.

Auti Te Pape by Gauguin

Auti Te Pape – women at the river

Gauguin planned to make a book from the wood blocks – in the end his son got some prints made.

Gaugin woodblock print

I spent quite a while studying the different textures Gauguin made using myriad tools. The effect is rich and startling.  It gives depth and movement so that we feel in the scene.

Let’s spend time thinking about texture for your wedding invitation.  The classic is embossing or using raised printing.  The paper itself gives a differing feel and look.  A good thick linen stock is smart, elegant and you can feel the weave.   Another possibility is appliqué – burlap is fashionable right now but all sorts of fabric can really make things pop.

Perhaps you’re adventurous – a woodcut or a lino cut would be thrilling. You could give wonderful texture using metal and a metal invitation would be handsome.  My cousin just gave me a beautiful silk painting – ever thought of a fabric printed wedding invitation?

Lets talk beyond the image to the texture of and the material used in your wedding invitation.   When you consult me, you’ll tap into your invitation’s full possibilities