Using Metal adds to the Design

Metal Art Deco Wedding Invitation

Recently I wrote about the importance of considering texture when designing an invitation. The medium used for the invitation itself enhances the final effect. I always bear this in mind when creating a design.

I had a whale of a time honing an Art Deco wedding invitation suite.  The geometry involved in that style is such fun – you really get to grips with space.

The blockbuster adaptation of The Great Gatsby inspired me to capture the glamor and sparkle of the silver screen. I did this by turning to metal which added that extra dimension. The invitation itself is metal, making the design dazzle and capture the eye.

There’s much to consider for the whole suite.  I love the recent trend of playfulness with response cards. I had a thoroughly good time researching Art Deco period slang and using it for the RSVP cards, telling the guests that if they didn’t reply by the RSVP date they’d ‘get the bum’s rush’.Art Deco Response-card


Your wedding invitation should reflect who you are and your wedding’s theme in an idiosyncratic and individual way. There’s a lot to consider to capture this vision. I really get under the surface of the design to take into account medium, the theme’s era and a range of other elements to bring your invitation to life.