Calligraphy for your Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Looking to dress up your invitations? Today we have a guest blog by the talented Calligraphy by Kit.

Calligraphy wedding invitations

The ribbon on the bridesmaids’ bouquets; The flavor of the cake filling; The choice between bubbles, sparklers or confetti… In wedding planning, it’s all about the details. And truthfully, nothing is more detailed than the invitation: the very first glimpse that a guest has into that day six to eight week’s from its arrival. Between inserts, font selections, paper varieties and the wording itself, the invitation truly is a detail heeded by the most meticulous of brides.

As a bridesmaid eight times over, a guest nearly one hundred times over, and a bride once (and only once), I experience that giddy excitement each time my mailbox contains one of those distinctive, slightly heavy envelopes. Amidst the cable bill, a reminder to schedule a dentist appointment, and the third Oriental Trading catalogue I’ve received that month, what could be more welcome than an invitation to witness the happiest day of someone I love?

Personal mail has always fallen into the “Things I Love” category. I’ve practically turned the duty of “Writing thank-you notes” into a hobby, and Christmas cards are, admittedly, a source of pride for me. So I guess it comes as no surprise that I took great pride in the invitation to my own wedding… and the appearance of the envelope was no different. With the hope that each of our guests felt excited to witness the exchange of our vows (and partake in the soiree afterwards), I decided to learn calligraphy to adorn those envelopes. It turned out that I wasn’t half-bad, and with three of my sisters who subsequently wed, I gained practice.

With the help of social media and word-of-mouth, I have provided calligraphy services to brides both near and far. It is my hope that the details created by my pen provide a touch of elegance to many more brides’ Happiest Day Yet.