Fall Crafts

Leaves changing colors

It’s one of my favorite times of year. Recently Mum and I went to Morgantown, WV to visit friends for the weekend. It wasn’t yet peak foliage season, but it was glorious to see the red, yellows and browns rioting over the mountainside. There is something pleasing and nurturing about this palette as we move into winter mode.

We also yearn to bring this feeling into our home. I’m a great believer in using the real thing. I enjoy picking out gourds and swooping up leaves during rambles outdoors, rather than buying plastic or fabric ones.

Pumpkins, squash and gourds



You can choose a harmonious group of gourds and leave them au naturel.






Or if you’re adventurous, carve them exquisitely.

exquisitely carved out gourds

exquisitely carved out gourds









Are you looking for something to do with those divine leaves you gathered? I like to arrange them artfully and then laminate them. This is something you can do as a project with a child. It also creates fun placemats to enjoy every evening, and your children can get a kick out of using something they’ve made.

Fallen leaf place-mats

As a literary touch, after you finish laminating, you and your children can take a stab at composing a poem to write on the lamination. I’m particularly drawn to haiku – its aesthetic works well for the medium and the subject of nature is exactly right for haiku. Then when you take the plunge and are poised to write the poem on the clear plastic, perhaps a red or gold sharpie to complement the leaves?

This is a haiku I wrote amidst my own laminated leaves:

Shapes and colors rise

Leaves fan their finest display

Burnished forest floor


Are you going to have a festive fall party? Contact me for inspiration and we’ll see what we can find on the forest floor to wow your guests when they see their invitations.