Evite Design for Informal Events


This Saturday my husband, Brian, is celebrating his tenth sobriety anniversary. Brian’s family played a huge role in supporting him at the start of this recovering alcoholic journey, so he wanted to include them in the good times and not just those tough days. They all live locally – his parents, grandmother, three siblings and their families – so we invited them to lunch saturday. It’s a busy season with the holidays but they’re all coming. ¬†As you can tell, Brian’s family – and now my family – is close and supportive. It’s not surprising they were there for him when he went through some dark days.

Thankfully the weather currently in Brian’s life is sunny and bright. The party was arranged in a bit of an informal fashion. I wanted to send out something festive over e-mail with details so I put together a card with all the relevant info for the party. It’s got a robust feel that stands out. I had some fun with typography. Getting typography right is incredibly important in invitations – and quite difficult – as invitations have a lot of words on them. Getting¬†the balance, harmony and hierarchy spot on is crucial – you want it to be aesthetically pleasing and flow but be easily readable and have the important information stand out. Choice of typeface is key!

What gives you cause to celebrate in a more informal way and bring together your nearest and dearest? To whom can you raise a glass – of cider or prosecco – to give a toast? I can help whip up a lovely e-mail invitation.