Iconic Holiday Cards

In the UK there’s the robin red-breast. In the US there’s the cardinal. Since I had an excessively smug parakeet, I love the idea of having an iconic birdie gracing holiday cards.

Robin red-breasts and American robins are not the same so it makes sense that robins didn’t take off on holiday cards in the US. The story in the UK goes that Victorian postmen wore a ‘royal’ red uniform, earning the nickname ‘Robins’. This led Victorian greeting card designers to show robin red-breasts delivering Christmas Cards. Everything just took off from there … .

Victorian greeting cardVictorian greeting card

I couldn’t find any backstory behind the cardinal on American Holiday Cards – please tell me of any you might know.

Cardinal on American Holiday Cards

I found the robin story charming and thoroughly enjoyed having a bit of fun creating a holiday card featuring a robin.  It turned out be a folksy, crafty holiday card, taking its cue from a vision I had of a robin rendered in felt. I think the bird scrubbed up quite nicely … .


Each year I like to take a different approach to my Holiday Card. Last year it was vintage


and the year before it was stained glass.


What’s your holiday card tradition? Let me create your tradition for you. Don’t forget the Holiday Card Sale in my etsy store!