Create Your Rainbow Wedding

Are you looking to get colorful with your wedding? We’re seeing a lot of rainbow weddings and that’s a pot of gold. If you’re aiming for pizazz and va va voom this is a great way to put your stamp on your wedding. How to create your rainbow wedding.

Be careful with how you use your rainbow color palette. I’m all for color saturation or kaleidoscope but avoid a strobe effect! I love how this wedding turned things upside down – rather than having the bridesmaids wear rainbow dresses, that honor went to the groomsmen. The bridesmaid’s black dresses are the perfect background to their brilliant bouquets, sashes and sunglasses – that match the groomsmen.

Rainbow WeddingRainbow WeddingTo start envisioning your rainbow wedding: Are you looking for a touch of color that pops or full on color saturation? Pick a texture – don’t go all stripes and tie-dye. You still your wedding look to harmonize and be ‘all of a piece’ … don’t you?

Then you have the fun of incorporating this approach into your wedding. Are you going to stop at the wedding party or have some rainbow fun with the decor? Rainbow GownYellow FlowerRainbow bouquetRainbow themed Bride and Bridesmaids

Rainbow Japanese Paper Lanterns
I love thinking shoes! Rainbow ShoesRainbow ShoesRainbow ShoesRainbow ShoesRainbow ShoesParasols are rightly popular – for people and as decoration! Rainbow ParasolsRainbow ParasolsI’m enchanted by the inventiveness of rainbow wedding cakes.Rainbow Wedding CakesRainbow Butterfly Wedding Cakes

And finally – although this isn’t technically rainbow, who can resist these floral bridesmaid dresses, even if it’s not your style?Rainbow Brides Maids

Check out my Pinterest board on rainbow weddings for more inspiration. And don’t forget to come to me for rainbow invitations, menus and more! Get in touch in the sidebar to get started.