Whimsical Hedgehog Child’s Card

whimsical hedgehog child's card

Here’s a whimsical hedgehog child’s card. I grew up with British and American children’s stories. Beatrix Potter was always a highlight, and kids continue to be enchanted by her tales – and tails. My father would read to me every night and Potter’s wonderful world made frequent appearances. I remember having a love-hate relationship with the bad fox Mr. Todd – he sacred me silly, but somehow that was exciting too.

Mr ToddMrs Tiggywinkle


I always loved Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, the hedgehog washerwoman. There’s something about her that to this day I can’t pinpoint. I’m sure it’s connected with whimsy. British children’s authors go in for whimsy a lot, so it was natural for me to design a child’s card with a hedgehog. Creatures appearing in British children’s books also have their own sayings and are very playful – hence “my good spines and prickles.”

The whole effect is charming and rustic.  It harks back to the long history of animals represented in children’s books, but with a contemporary flavor. I designed it for a baby shower card. It could be adapted to a baby shower invitation or a children’s party invitation.

Are you seeking the perfect invitation or card for the children in your life? Come to me with your charming ideas and lets make them a reality.