Baptism Invitation Design


This design is a Baptism card. It could be used for an Christening or  Baptism invitation design and for other rites of passages too. We wanted it to go beyond Christianity and but still have religious touchstones. The dove was the perfect answer – it symbolizes the holy spirit and peace.

I wanted to capture movement. This dove was going to be only mildly representational – hence the criss crossing lines, representing wings and feathers. This design simply had to emphasize soaring – taking off in life. I also spent some time choosing a flowing typeface that glides like a dove. I kept the text to a minimum and the colors simply black and white. The overall design is quite elegant in its simplicity.

Creating the overall design so that there was religious imagery that was executed with a light and deft hand was imperative. It also needed to speak to the secular – hence the importance of centering it around the dove. In the end the design has a sense of space and room to grow – very important in a rite of passage card. It almost feels like a cutout. rite of passage card

I learned a lot about use of space and simplicity of design sitting and absorbing Matisse’s cut outs at the National Gallery in Washington, DC.

When you come to me for a design, we create a design that speaks to your own ideas and values.

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