A Visual Vocabulary for Masculine Love – wedding invitation for gay marriage

When we see designs geared towards men expressing love, they often lack a visual romantic vocabulary.¬†So often romantic cards are feminine in design – the themes of hearts and flowers are perennials. How does a man show, visually, his love for his wife or his husband? What’s a visual vocabulary for a wedding invitation for gay marriage?

Although I’m not gay, I tackled this issue in the design for my wedding invitation by picturing our left hands clasped together. But what if you want something less concrete?0601-Wedding-with-border

A masculine visual language to express love is much on my mind as two dear male friends have just got engaged. I am beyond excited for this wonderful couple.

Same sex marriage is becoming more and more the norm in the US as increasing number of ¬†jurisdictions are making it legal. We’re going to have to put on our thinking caps and go on a crusade for a new visual aesthetic for cards expressing love – no armor necessary. It will embrace romantic looks for same sex couples.

As is often the case, I was inspired by indigenous art. Ever since spending breathtaking time in Santa Fe, I’ve loved Santa Clara Pueblo pottery – like this:
Santa Clara Pueblo pottery

So I used this look as inspiration for a romantic gent’s card, expressing love. I gave it more geometry and less undulation with just a touch of texture here and there to give it some depth and hark back to the pottery. It’s evolved along exiting lines.Wedding or engagement or shower love card based on Santa Clara pueblo pottery

As for my fantastic friends who got engaged – I’ve got a special little design for them expressing my delight and grand wishes. I might even share it with you next week.

Need help translating a visual aesthetic onto paper – you’ve come to just the right place. Contact me for help with expressing your love visually in a way that feels true to you.

And Happy Valentine’s Day!