Quick Design – fun flier


I recently designed this fun flier for a Latin tutor. We wanted something with a classical watermark. What a boon to live in Washington, DC where there’s Federal architecture everywhere that fits the bill and gives the right classical feel. We thought of two buildings:

  • Union Station – DC’s gorgeous train station that had a facelift and looks magnificent
  • The Supreme Court – what great symbolism for a Latin tutor

I went to work reviewing old, public domain photos of Union Station and the Supreme Court and came up with a number of smashing options.

In the end we opted for a fantastic photo of the Supreme Court that emphasized the columns. This gave great rhythm and movement to the background of the flier but wasn’t too busy and distracting.

Next came the typography – something that looked straight off a Roman monument of course. I chose two typefaces: Trajan Pro for the body of the text and Trajanus Roman for the tear sheet. You can see how I used size and weight of text as well as placement to create hierarchy. Questions I asked myself: what needed to stand out? how am I going to encourage the reader’s eye to take in important information first and then move across the page?

Although this was an extremely quick design, we ended up with the very professional poster. It’s attractive and classical and the black and white color scheme prints out quite easily at home.

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