Happy Hour Invitation and Flier Inspiration, approach and Ideas

Happy Hour invitation and flierThere’s so much for a Happy Hour invitation/flier to accomplish – it must entice, keep the reader’s attention and present information in a visually compelling way. That’s why I’m here to help.

This invitation/flier I designed is for a Real Estate group I know well. I suggested it would be engaging to have a ‘DC then and now’ theme. The building is now the Phillips Collection museum, it used to be Phillips’ private residence. The vibrant spring magnolia in today’s photo is smashing contrast to the old black and white photo.

We chose only the Phillips as it would be too visually distracting to have two different buildings and the Phillips also underscores that the Real Estate group encompassed a wide range of services. A museum of fine art that used to be a residence fitted the bill. You might say that people won’t know it’s the Phillips – but this magnificent building gives the flier an air of prosperous forward motion for those in real estate.

Fliers give a lot of information, which presents other challenges. One of the delicate jobs of a graphic designer is to make sure that the text will get people’s attention. Sometimes this means editing the text for clarity and punchiness, sometimes it means adapting it to fit certain line and space constraints – you want visually to get the most info bang for your line buck. A graphic design always demands that text is visual compelling.

As always there’s typeface and color considerations for the text. I tried the text in dark brown as well as blue. Both look lovely. The brown was every elegant but we were going more for a bright, exuberant look to fit in with spring.

A successful happy hour invitation/flier is not accidental and has many components. Let me help you make sure you hit all right notes.