Spring is Delightful and Busy, with a design spring in the step and scent in the air.

Spring seems to have arrived at long last, and with it a flood of things to do. Since I’m currently using any free moments I can to enjoy the return of sunshine (ha – got you there, I wish),here’s a little “throwback” post with a couple of my favorite spring design ideas from years past.

I’m particularly excited about turning my hand to ‘piros tojás’ again this year. My father was Hungarian and I remember making with him ‘piros tojás’ or red eggs for Easter.  The eggs are dyed red and then a needle is used to scratch out a pattern.  These are often intricate and very beautiful.

piros tojás

What are your spring traditions?

Talking about spring traditions. Here in DC, the Cherry Blossoms are eagerly awaited. I love as I’m walking around suddenly coming across sublime avenues of blossom trees. It really gets the sap rising!

Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC in the springAfter this long winter what getting your own sap rising?