Branding with Brochures

Purple trimmed  leaflet for brandingPurple trimmed leaflet for brandingPurple trimmed leaflet for brandingThe theme for designing this informational leaflet was clean, crisp, contemporary and elegant. The brochure’s purpose is to introduce the Financial Services team within a BNI Chapter. BNI is a international networking group that is organized in chapters. We decided for the leaflet to go almost fully with typography and I created a simple but effective design and layout. How do you use a brochure for branding?

I spent some time working on color. I was taken with a yummy chocolate brown and cream background but in the end this color combo looked a bit dated – perhaps I’d been influenced while watching Mad Men? Ultimately we went with a smart navy blue.

I then needed to do a bit more work on the typeface choice. I love how each design element – color, typeface, decoration etc – are individuals yet change perspective when making the ensemble piece.

I wanted to create a logo-like design that highlighted the chapter name while also including BNI. As it turned out, BNI was very helpful in forming a structure for the design, having BNI in the background with the chapter name over was quite architectural. The BNI served as the construction or bones of the design, while Downtown Wednesday Breakfast was the interior decoration. The logo looks bold and chic.

I carried the logo’s blue box round the back of the leaflet for cohesion and I did the same for a second blue box on the front. This second box highlighted the subject of the leaflet: Who We Are. The resulting white space on the front was wonderful to draw the eye to name of the team: Business Financial Power Team.

I left the name there, unadorned, in the middle of the page. That way it really drew the eye. It’s far too easy to make a graphic design too busy. If there’s too much going on in a small a space your eye is not invited in and will skip over the whole area altogether. White space, and the breathing room it gives, is incredibly important to a design.

This brochure design is deceptively simple. Its deign components are carefully crafted to be effective. It can be more difficult to create a design that is simple – are you ready for me to help out with that?