Branding Food – a visual feast

One of the things I enjoy during my visits to the UK is seeing the way style there differs from  in the US.  Every country has a look – a style of dressing, style of talking and of course a style of advertising and branding. I’ve spent a good deal of time traveling and imbibing other cultures and their style. It’s part of what informs the depth of my designs. I love refreshing my relationship with British style. There’s a new eye in town when it comes to branding food in the UK. It’s cheeky and artistic – a visual feast. I’m a great fan. branding food When thinking about branding it’s imperative to do some naval gazing and figure out who you are, your vibe and for what exactly you stand. This is how you create your brand and it should be reflected in your text and your visuals. Like me, perhaps you’re enjoying what Pret A Manger have been doing with fruit and veg – both in their sandwiches and in their promotional material. They’ve successfully branded themselves as fresh, quality and wholesome as well as caring. They’re also just a bit cheeky in a very British way. A brilliant way to brand food.

mobile advertising

branding food

fresh, quality products – with clever food visual

branding food branding food

beautiful use of food – extremely artistic and very clever

Brand food

a caring company

food branding

silly in a very British way

branding food

just a bit cheeky, with witty text

branding food branding food The Pret A Manger branding is well established. Recently I’ve noticed Wagamama – the British noodle bar all over Europe but barely in the US – have their own take on branding food that’s related to Pret. Both Pret and Wagamama are cheeky. Wagamama’s website says

‘wagamama’ is japanese for ‘naughty child’ – or one who is wilful and determined. a child said to be ‘wagamama’ might demand constant attention, or expect their every wish to be fulfilled. while we’re not quite a spoilt child, we are cheeky and a little bit mischievous

While Pret brands itself as caring, Wagamama brands itself as hip and diverse.Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 9.13.59 AMAs well as being family friendlyScreen Shot 2014-05-23 at 6.22.31 AM Most exciting is how Wagamama’s brands itself visually though its advertising. Like Pret, they use foods creatively and as a visual feast. The Wagamama aesthetic is different from Pret.branding foodbranding food branding foodbranding food













They’ve tapped into a food decoration style that has an Asian flavor – very in keeping with a noodle bar. The look also reflects how they present their food on the plate. These sumptious ‘summer recipe’ ads are also on their placemats!

branding food

Did I mention the look of the ads uses the way is food plated …

branding food branding food










I love the trend in the way Brits are branding food. It’s inventive and witty – making a teapot out of fruit and veg.  it’s also tapping into what chefs have been doing all along – creating aesthetically pleasing designs to that are artistically delightfully. How do you hook your look? Talk to me about grasping your essence.