Designing a Personal Postcard for Change of Address or other milestone life change


Personal Post Cards Antonia Designs

When moving or looking forward to a milestone life change, what better way to let friends and family know than by sending them a custom postcard with the update. People love getting a personal post and enjoy hearing about new and exciting developments in your life with a personal postcard in mail.

The key to designing a card like this is showing what’s happening visually. Recently I designed a card that combined a change of address and a ‘new calling’. This was huge change for ‘Jane’ – a move from Finland to the UK precipitated by her ordination in the Church of England. She is taking up a curacy in the parish of Boston, Lincolnshire. We all thought this was hilarious as Jane is originally from Massachusetts and everyone had a moment when they thought she was moving back to the States.

In designing this card, I wanted to combine their new home and Jane’s new church as visual symbols of the huge change in her life. I ended up with two sort of parallelograms: they are pleasing to the eye, helped create discrete spaces and are also full of good movement.

Making sure that the eye was drawn, in the right order, to the important information contained in this card was paramount. Jane put together clear, concise text that lent itself to being laid out on the page.

The result is a card that’s sure catch the eye and let your friends and family know of important life changes in a way they’ll really appreciate. Is something about to happen in your life that you want tell friends and family about? Let me help you do that with an inspired card.