Wood Wedding Invitations? Absolutely

wood-invitationWood is naturally beautiful and what better way to wow your wedding guests than by sending them a wedding invitation that looks like wood! If you’re not up to sending actual wood wedding invitations – a paper invitation will really do the trick. You can create all sorts of different and glorious carvings on a wood invitation that your guests will thoroughly enjoy. As always, the first thing to do is nail your vibe. Wood has a rustic theme that has a natural pairing for this vineyard wedding. Here’s a delightful take with whimsical brushed vine leaves and bunches of grapes, all set off by a rough-hewn typeface.

Rustic Wood wedding vinyard wine Invitation Don’t have a rustic theme? There’s no reason to give wood a miss. You can create sorts of looks with wood. Here the feel is romantic yet contemporary and timeless.  Lily of the valley is traditional and looks fantastic with an art nouveau style typeface. But when you ‘burn’ the flowers into the wood and then carve out the words, you end up with an expected take on the traditional that is sure to delight. Mixing wood into this design gives a new take on romance. Lily of the Valley wood wedding invitation rustic Work with me to create a fantastic wedding invitation that will wow your guests and tantalize them for what’s to come. Contact me to get started today!