Glorious Indonesian Inspired Wedding Invitation

Glorious Indonesian Inspired Wedding Invitation

There’s a fantastic synergy working with people who are excited by design and have design ideas. I had a wonderful time collaborating with a couple to create a glorious Indonesian inspired wedding invitation for them.

When we first discussed the vision for their wedding invitation, they had colors in mind – orange, gray and blue. We spent some time nailing the exact shade, giving a smashing palette. They wanted a pattern – perhaps something small – that was organic and flowed. The thinking was more along the idea of a frame than a border: showcasing the text of the invitation was important to the couple. You’ll see exactly why on the back of the design.

One half of the couple is Indonesian, so I thought that a design inspired by batik would be beautiful and meaningful. We played around with having this pattern as a thin line – ethereal and magical.

Glorious Indonesian Inspired Wedding InvitationUltimately we went for a diagonal pattern that’s beautiful, arresting and very bold. It suits the couple perfectly.

Glorious Indonesian Inspired Wedding Invitation

It took some time to finalize the typeface and the layout of the text. We wanted something contemporary and elegant. The typeface had to hold its own with the ornate design while not being ornate itself.

Finally – the finishing touch was printing the invitations on lovely linen paper which enhanced the material effect of the batik pattern, giving an added layer of depth to the design.

Have a graphic design collaboration in mind. I will help you tap into your vision.