Proper presentation for visuals

I create visuals and work in a visual medium. This means that everything visually connected to my work has to shine and speak to my eye. It must not be sloppy – there’s a proper presentation for a visuals. I spent a lot of time and care on my promotional packet. In essence it is a sample of my work that I give to prospective clients – it says a lot about me – so it should be stunning and arresting. Proper presentation for visuals - Antonia Designs Proper presentation for visuals  - Antonia Designs This 7″x5″ packet is  encased in a smart mill cloth bag with my logo on it. The material has a wonderful feel in your hands as you pick it up.  The best part, though, is its translucency – you get an enticing peek of what’s inside, whetting your appetite and inviting you in to see what’s next. Moving onto presenting my designs – mostly I give clients a paper product, often wedding invitations. The couple spend much energy and imagination on their wedding and are about to embark on marriage. I want the way I give them their wedding invitations to reflect the excitement and importance of the occasion. Proper presentation for visuals  - Antonia Designs Proper presentation for visuals  - Antonia Designs IProper presentation for visuals  - Antonia Designs Recently two wonderful chaps and I finished designing their wedding invitation and I was excited to collect them from the printer.  The next question was how to create a fabulous ‘first look’ for the invitations. I carefully wrapped the invitations in beautiful hand-made paper, securing with a ribbon and a large half bow. Into the loop I put a note I’d written to the couple on the same handmade paper. This package then went into a cute clear plastic mini briefcase. The whole presentation was very smart and respected the time and thought we’d all put into the invitation’s design. My visual eye is always engaged. Let me use it to grasp your design vision.