What to include in your wedding invitation

When to send wedding invitations

When to send wedding invitations

It’s marvelous to be able to be an individual and an original with your wedding invitations – couples are having such fun and are creating the most beautiful and unusual wedding invitations. At the same time, your wedding invitation gives guests crucial information. What to include in your wedding invitation? Here’s how to work out the wording for your wedding invitation.


Wording style is quite loose these days. What it does do is set the tone for the wedding. You wouldn’t, for example, want a traditional looking embossed calligraphy invitation to read ‘Jane and Joe give notice that you’re required at their blowout beach-fest bonanza wedding’.

Most people go with one of these forms:

  • only the couple’s name: Sally Winter and Charles Glass or Sally and Charles
  • ‘together with their parents’, if the couple wants to honor their parents
  • the most traditional is if the bride’s family is paying and therefore hosting the wedding. In this case it will read something like

Mr and Mrs George Winter

request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter

Sally Winter
Charles Glass 
son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Glass

What to include

Mainly you need to give guests the tools to make decisions – am I going to come? how am I going to get there? are two important requirements. For example, if you are including a shuttle bus between the ceremony and the reception it’s a good idea to put this on your invitation otherwise your guests will assume they are making their own way. Is there a wedding hotel? Is there a morning after brunch? You get the picture. Put on your ‘information hat’ and let that be your guide.

You don’t have to have all the logistical information on the invitation – I quite like the idea of keeping the invitation clean and simple with a wedding website that contains all the logistics.

What not to include

This is actually quite simple – anything that looks grasping or like a gift grab. Retail establishments will give you little cards from your registry to put in with your invitations. Resist the urge. Not including registry information with your wedding invitation is still the order of the day.

What has changed is that people are a little more forgiving of putting the registry info on your wedding website. I still say, resist that urge too and keep the high road. The standard model of letting family tell people who ask about the registry is still the best.

When to send out wedding invitations

Here I break from the traditional. Sending out wedding invitations six to eight weeks in advance was fine when your guests would be local and people’s lives were arguably less manic. Fast forward to guests needing to plan further in advance then two months so they can take time off work to fly into town – two months is not enough.

I think this was seen as a great marketing opportunity: enter save the date cards.  They can be a lovely way to alert people to the wedding in good time, especially if you’re having a large wedding.  But I say – no need to make it more complicated, why not just send out the invitation earlier?

Tune in next week to discuss taking the stress out of RSVPs.

When you come to me to design your wedding invitation, you get more than the design – you get expert advice in the etiquette and how to of wedding invitations.