Designing a Business Card

Designing a Business Card

A talented artist and passionate art educator came to me for help designing a business card for an intensive course at Harvard. There would be educators and artists there – she wanted to hand them something that spoke to her art and who she is.

We discussed this project first on a Wednesday afternoon. It needed to be at the printer’s Friday as the client left for Harvard Sunday. Time to get cracking.

The client’s art is gorgeous. The piece she wanted on her card – World of Tears – is an enamel circle surrounded by aluminum. It is large and beautiful- displayed on the wall. I thought that when designing the business card, we should have the artwork on one side – all by itself. It’s strong and colorful as well as vibrant and luminous. It should speak for itself, not have distracting words next it. The aluminum surround is square – how to work with that when business cards are oblong? I decided to add thin slices of the aluminum at each side. This gave some added texture and movement – even a slight three dimensional effect.

In contrast to the vibrancy of the front, the back is plain typography in a rich color picked out from the enamel. I also added the enamel circle from World of Tears to bring a splash of color and cohesion.

The whole effect is arresting and thoughtful – it captures the client very well. Do you need a design that says who you are? Let me help you evoke your essence.