A Program or Order of Service for your wedding

A Program or Order of Service for your wedding A Program or Order of Service for your weddingWhat different stationary are you going to have for your wedding? A couple can choose which stationery they’d like to include in their day of wedding stationary. A Program or Order of Service for your wedding is generally a must-have. Your program text can go in many directions – especially if you are having a non-religious or a ceremony that includes different religions. If you’re being married in a particular religion, that religion will generally have a set Order of Service. That makes the text straightforward – but you can still be as inventive as you like with the visuals.

This program was to be a simple one-page program, front and back. I designed it to take into account other stationary elements. We used the same typeface – Snell Roundhand – across the board with all the stationary. It’s stylish but legible. So many of the calligraphy typefaces are hard to make out. My watchword is – you have to be able to read the information!

We were enchanted with the idea of having one side of the Program based on the day after the wedding brunch invitation we designed. I incorporated the stylish monogram I’d designed for the bride and groom – anther motif to bear in mind for your wedding look. This design creates a warm and elegant effect. It also fits in very well with the décor and atmosphere where the wedding was being held – the stately Brown Palace Hotel.

Since the visual side was landscape we decided to make the text into two columns on the reverse side, keeping the text landscape. It was a fresh take on a classic Program layout – wedding party on one ‘side’ and ceremony on the other. I also placed the couple’s ‘thank you’ across the whole page, giving it a separate place and re-enforcing the two columns visually. In the end, the text’s white space was arresting and pleasing.

I will work with you to ensure that the design elements of your wedding stationary are connected and harmonious, that they capture your style and your venue’s vibe. Stay tuned for a discussion of the menu at your reception.