Designing an Infographic


Designing an infographic involves a number of skills to display data or information visually. This infographic is for a start-up that brings entrepreneurs together into groups of ten. Each group meets once a month and members act as each other’s Board of Directors. The idea is that you have a group of entrepreneurs dedicated to each others success.

A new member is assigned to a particular group that seems a good fit and given a packet of information on their group. This information includes statistics to show what a valuable resource you have in your group – degrees, years in business etc. It seemed a good idea to display this visually – in an infographic – as well as in tables and words.

I feel that being an entrepreneur like climbing a mountain. I wanted to display the data visually through the metaphor of mountain climbing. What makes this visually fresh is the wonderful etching quality to the mountain. We really wanted to the use bold colors and have the image pop and I think the etching graphic and the black and red color motif create an arresting visual.

An infographic is about imparting information and telling a story. The first thing I wanted to do is underscore the importance of having a team even if you’re a sole entrepreneur – and was excited to find Forbes agreed: a successful entrepreneur [will] pull together and align people and their talents. Forbes’ endorsement of  this company’s strategy gives credence to the whole concept of bringing together entrepreneurs to be a community for each other.

So what do you get in this community? When an entrepreneur joins, it’s important to highlight the team’s strengths – and I did that visually with the rugged red mountain climbers. They illustrate what each member is bringing to your group with revenue, entrepreneurial experience, education and the size of each member’s team.

An infographic should tell as story that is visually outstanding and where the data is accessible. I think this infographic does that well. Let me help you create an infographic.