DIY your own wedding stationery suite

DIY your own wedding stationery suite

E-vite to the morning after brunch! Wedding program! These are all aspects of your wedding stationery suite that you can mix and match with other delightful wedding stationery. How do you create a cohesive look so that your stationery captures your wedding heartbeat? How do you make sure it complements and enhances other visual aspects of your wedding such as the venue and the flowers? What elements are involved and how would you DIY your own wedding stationery suite ideas to create a cohesive whole.

Last week we enjoyed a dreamy program for a wedding and how it came together with the day after brunch e-vite. The final piece in this wedding stationery suite is the menu. What elements bring these designs together? What should you consider as you DIY your own wedding suite?


Color brings different parts together visually. Make sure you have colors that work – you can create harmonious or contrasting color combinations. This couple went with gold and blush for an elegant and timeless feel.  We added silver to the text so that the content was a classic silver and gold.


Your designs and colors should harmonize with the venue. It would be jarring to have a red and black Mad Men mod theme in the lush ornateness Brown Palace Hotel. In this case, the gold and blush work very well, as did the choice of typeface.


Choose a typeface that enhances your look. If it’s rustic for a winery venue, you might want something that echoes vines. We chose Snell Roundhand for its smooth elegance and clarity.

Monogram and Visuals

This is the part that brings everything together and really captures the essence of your wedding. The monogram in this suite is stylish in the wedding colors. Here are some tips on how to design your own monogram. You can use your monogram in many different places – napkins, wedding favors – it’s extremely versatile. We used it for the program and for the menu. We didn’t use it on the e-vite as we wanted it to be more casual.

You can bring in other things that are important to you. This couple lives in Denver so we used an evocative mountain skyline in the Program and the e-vite. Think about what’s important to you and how to add it to the visual mix in a way that enhances your overall look.

Looking for some guidance in how to bring all your design elements together – lets get started creating your wonderful wedding stationery.