Beautiful Informational e-mail for Bar Mitzvahs and other milestones

Erez's Bar Mitzvah

There are so many details when you’re hosting a milestone event like a Bar Mitzvah or a Baptism. You’ve got directions to the service and subsequent lunch and parties. Perhaps you’ve reserved a block of rooms at a local hotel for out of town guests. Now you just have to let guests know – but how to make it festive so it marks the occasion. This sort of information is just right for a beautiful informational e-mail for Bar Mitzvahs and other milestones

The watchword here is ‘informational’. The main point is for details to be clear. Of course the e-mail can also be gorgeous but you should keep it streamlined. I like the idea of a textured background – that gives something visually to sink your teeth into. It acts as an arresting backdrop to the text and adds cohesion to the e-mail.

If you’d like to add any other features – like the Star of David – make sure they’re lean towards a simple decorative motif. You want to keep the design clean – with a lot of text it can quickly look muddled.

Let me help you add delightful design aspects to your informational e-mail that will help it jump off the page.