Styling your Halloween Party – Raven theme

Perhaps it’s because Halloween is just a wee bit naughty, but we all just love it and really get into its  spirit. Are you throwing a Halloween party this year? I’ve been having a cracking good time putting together some ideas for the decor and styling your Halloween party. I’m all about Poe’s Raven this year.  It’s chic, elegant and literary – just up my alley. Styling your Halloween party – raven theme!

Raven Table Cloth

Raven Feather Napkins




I’ve fallen in love with Ben and Brill’s embroideries – they’re so stylish.















Raven Wine Glasses


Everyone is going to enjoy their poison with these glasses. Raven Wine Glasses






I am really drawn to the delicacy of the designs.







Look – a raven pillar candle to shed light on the eerie scene.

Raven Themed Candles

Raven Themed Plate

Raven Themed Platter



What are we going to for for plates?







And serving platters?






Halloween Stamped Flatware



This stamped flatware are just right for eating Halloween nosh.






For a bit of fun, why not have some of these raven masks lying around – you never know what haunting might happen.

Raven Masks

What’s missing? An Antonia Designs invitation, of course. Stay tuned for that, and also visit my Pinterest Halloween board.