Interior Design and Graphic Design

Interior Design and Graphic Design

The view from where I work

Recently the intersection of interior design and graphic design has been consuming my thoughts. It all started when I went to the Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the National Gallery. His paintings are of intimate interiors – and even intimate exteriors. The exhibition shows studies for his painting that illuminate how Wyeth pared down and arranged the composition of his interiors. His paintings are at the same time cerebral and natural. What brings together Interior Design and Graphic Design.

How do you go about the interior of your home – or your workplace? You’re probably like me and aim for your home to be a retreat to relax and inspire. Do you go hunting in vintage shops, exclaiming over item after item? Do you breeze though Crate and Barrel creating a homogeneous look? Do you click around getting lost in discovery?

How do you create the atmosphere you crave? It will not surprise you to hear that I’m all eclectic and all about color and texture. The view from where I work has crazy chairs, tea and dancing graphics, vintage lamps and books – lots of books. Also windows – if possible I like to see outside when I’m working. It all creates a warm, welcoming, fuzzy feel.

Though that’s my personal look, I appreciate different vibes – minimalist, ornate etc. I’ve been obsessing with design blogs in the past few weeks and it’s fueled my vision and my passion. Isn’t it easy to get all tunnel visioned and not let other areas inform your own niche? I’m reminded of how much richer I am for varied experiences. A richness that I bring to my graphic designs.

When you’re creating a meaningful graphic design there’s a vision that will speak to who you are. How do you tap into it? One way to start to articulate that vision is through your home or decor – actual or inspirational. Let me help you capture your heartbeat in your graphic design.