Recharge and smell the roses

Recharge and Smell the Roses
Yesterday was a dreary day – it was raining and miserable. My friend and I decided to meet up at a new tea place – Pansaari. The owner, Rano, is from India – Jaipur to be exact. She’s aimed to create this city’s ‘slower pace and a seasonal rhythm’.  The home page of their website encourages everyone to stop in and say hi. We did just that. What a way to recharge and smell the roses

It was a pleasure to enter this jewel. It’s bright and welcoming on a miserable day with the intoxicating aroma of the spices they sell. You can see their wonderful space in this blog post. We tootled up to the chai bar. I enjoyed a freshly ground and traditionally made marsala chai – the extra spicing immensely warm and cheering. My friend had green darjeeling. It was served in a teapot with a colorful tea cozy and jewel of a cup an saucer, both sitting on a beautiful inlaid counter.

We sipped our tea and relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. Rano came over to chat. We talked about how mostly we don’t take time time to savor our meals but grab a paper cup of coffee and bolt. I looked a my half full glass cup of chai with its tantalizing aroma. It sat next to the jewel blue and gold cup with steaming green darjeeling. I felt myself unwind.

The three of us agreed that tea is a slow drink, just right for unwinding. There’s something about it that affects you. Maybe it’s the ritual surrounding tea – the boiling the water and letting the pot steep – but you can feel it going down your body in the most wonderful way. It helps me relax and unwind. Perhaps it affects you differently.

W.H.  Davies begins his poem Leisure in this way:

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?

and concludes it’s a poor life.

We lead frenetic lives – rushing to the next task as soon as we’ve taken care of one responsibility and feeling such pressure to juggle so many things. What do you do to slow down and smell the roses? How do you savor life and take a bit of ‘me time’? I find that a relaxing cup of tea with good company in lovely surroundings not only helps me recharge, it’s invaluable to my own creative process.