Thank you card visuals

We all love receiving hand written thank you cards. It makes us stand out from the pack. There’s no need to dread sending them. They can be short and sincere – there are guidelines to help, like this blog I wrote on writing thank you cards for you wedding gifts. But what should be your thank you card visuals?

Your Visual Representation

To make the process a breeze, have stamps – and a box of thank you cards on hand. A thank you card is also a visual representation of who you are. What better way to make this statement than to have one designed for you.

Personal Thank You Cards

When your friends and family have given you pressies at say your wedding or milestone birthday, you can use a photo from the occasion or a design which will make your loved ones smile and think it’s so ‘you’. I’m a bold, colorful, exuberant, fine arts person so I love sending out this thank you card. Did you notice the homage to my often-mentioned Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Rose and Teardrop design?

Thank you card visuals

Professional thank you cards

We all know we’re supposed to send a thank you card for a job interview, but what about sending them for other occasions? I recently sent a card thanking someone for introducing me to a great group I’m enjoying. You could thank someone for meeting with you. When you do that, it makes quite a positive impression. If you’re worried that your thank you card will take too long to arrive in the mail – make it into an e-card that you can include inline in the body of the e-mail.

Sending a thank you card is also another opportunity to show who you are visually. This is a great thank you card for a winery – rustic with handsome grapes and leaves.

Thank you card visuals

How about something sleek and contemporary?Thank you card visuals

Whatever your vibe, let me help you design a thank you card. Then you’ll have a box of them on-hand to wow people effortlessly.