Business Card Design Details

Business Card Design Details

Scott came to me to design a business card for his new coaching company. He already had a fantastic logo and knew the tone he wanted to set for the card. What are Scott’s business card design details?

Scott told me he wanted something that was professional and had gravitas. He wanted to to be modern and sleek – clean and crisp. He also wanted the card to be two-sided, with one side having only the logo. Scott gave me helpful guidance.

I used the same gorgeous colors and the same typeface as the logo. As you can tell from the colors, Scott knows his onions and is professional, but he has flair and panache too. I wanted to underscore this on the business card – to take those colors and run with them. Did you notice the colored lines after o and c for his phone numbers?
Business Card Design Details

Scott loves the lines along the edge of the card. I told him that to me they felt like ‘cufflinks’ – they added a bit of a personality on the ‘blue typography’ suit. The blue made for great typography in his ‘gravitas’ vision – but carrying on the suit metaphor, the little pops of color are a flash of the lining. We all love unexpected lining in a suit!

A business card depends on typography and you know how I love that. The balance of the card and flow of where the eye is drawn right is paramount. The other main element is the logo and its placement. I gave him two options – on one, the logo was exactly centered and on the other it was just slightly lower than center. I was not surprised that Scott chose the one slightly lower than center. Our eye feels more comfortable with a bit more room at the top than at the bottom of a design. The harmony of these elements, and the way the lines along the top and bottom of the card unite the two sides, all create a cohesive design.

Sometimes it’s the small and understated elements that elevate a design, in this case the design relied on harmony, balance and color in a way that is straightforward but gets its pop and extra essence from those small details. It captures Scott’s company.

I am able to tap into who you are and understand your vision so that your design captures your own essence.