Holiday Card Offer

holiday card offer

I love receiving holiday cards – don’t most people? It’s wonderful to see the kaleidoscope of different styles thrown together as you put them out. Somehow the cards all work in harmony – in keeping with the spirit of the season. Take advantage of my Holiday Card Offer.

There’s nothing quite like designing you own holiday card yet choices can be overwhelming. Here are some things to consider:

Family Photo

A lovely family snapshot or professional photo is a perennial favorite – and for good reason. A family photo makes everyone smile.

Then of course you need to choose a surround for your photo … .


We’ve developed quite a visual language around the holiday season – there’s ornaments (or baubles as they’re called in the UK), Santa, Sleighs and Reindeer, snowflakes, holly, robins in the UK … the list goes on and on. I designed this holiday card for a talented ice skater

Holiday Card Offer



What’s your style? Do you hanker after something vintage and nostalgic – like that Victorian little boy and his mother gazing longingly in the shop window? Do you like something folksy? Or are you drawn the contemporary?

Perspective and Wording

Your wording should match the card design – say a dove and the word Peace, or a family photo with Merry and Bright. Perhaps you want to do something a bit different and send New Year’s cards as your holiday greeting – these have become quite popular.

Take advantage of Antonia Designs holiday card offer and I’ll help you design a card that will delight your family and friends.