Holiday Cards Everywhere

I’ve been busy designing Holiday Cards – it’s really getting me into the spirit. There’s Holiday Cards everywhere and I’d like to share with you a couple of cards I’ve been creating.

A nice change from a holiday card is a New Year’s card! This client wanted something sparkly with movement, a design that was modern but harked back to old style books and adverts. She also wanted a card that she could use both professionally and personally with only small tweaks. We put our heads together and came up with this delightful little numero:

Holiday Cards Everywhere

A totally different note is this card I designed for an arborist! His logo and vibe is fun and bright so I wanted to incorporate that. At the same time, he loved the classy look of this vintage card I designed last year:


I worked on creating the right vibe for this arborist and here’s what I designed – I think it successfully combines the cheerful and bright nature with the classy element. There was decision to be made about monochrome …

Holiday Cards Everywhere

… or keeping the logos colors. We went for this one:

Holiday Card Everywhere

Different people have different styles – what we say visually speaks of who we are. A custom. bespoke Holiday Card from Antonia Designs will capture your spirit – so that when you send it out, it has pride of place on the mantelpiece.