Dog Trainer Logo



A dog boarding business joins with a dog training business to offer dog training while you’re away and your dog is enjoying some canine R&R. Or perhaps you want your dog trained while you’re at work, with pick up and drop off service – Mission Pawsible to the rescue.

How to create a compelling logo for this dog training business? Overall we wanted the feel to be inviting: one of caring and kindness, of confidence that you and your dog can have a warm and loving relationship that is stress and drama free. Of course, training help will facilitate that.

The company is called Mission Pawsible so a military theme seemed just right. After all, dogs have an important role in the armed forces and in war. We went with a dog tag. We wanted to keep it metallic looking but a color a bit more inventive than khaki – so we plumped for a fabulous gunmetal blue. On the dog tag was the outline of a very endearing and attentive dog – an archetype sort of dog. This dog sported a helmet. Incidentally this iconic helmet is WWII era.

Then we refined the logo. We played with shadow and shades. There was quite a bit back and forth to get the details right. This seems to be part of the process, tweaking here and there. My client also thought of adding MP to the helmet – a brilliant idea and one which secretly I wish I’d had.

It’s important to take into account various uses for the logo. I added a chain to the dog tag, in part for aesthetics but also for versatility. It’s ever so handy to hang the dog tag off … a letter for example.


I work with small business owners and their business is their passion, it’s their baby. They take a leap of faith to hand this over and say – please represent my baby visually. It’s an important trust I don’t take lightly in all my designs. What designs do you have in mind where you hand over your baby? You can trust me with an invitation to an important life event like a wedding or milestone birthday right through to a logo.