Art Deco Inspired Logo for a Hair Salon


Salon Gerard is in the iconic Art Deco Kennedy Warren apartment building. So Gerard was looking for an Art Deco inspired logo for his hair salon. Gerard was looking for something elegant and high end. We chatted a bit then had a change of direction. Sometimes brainstorming ideas for a design is not linear – you find yourself on a bit of a windy route.

Gerard found this amazing hood ornament. It’s actually Lalique – and René Lalique created it in glass. What a thing to do: imagine the mind that decides to make a hood ornament in such a fragile material.

Art Deco logo

One of few ‘Winged Victory’ hood ornaments left being auctioned at Bonham’s several years ago.

It’s gorgeous and the just right sort of inspiration for Salon Gerard‘s logo. What is particularly lovely about this piece is its luminosity and windswept hair. Just right for a hair salon.


We settled on warm gold/brass tones that shine and are inviting. I enjoyed making the hair into an ‘S’ – another way to highlight the hair. We decided to add some facial features, ensuring a feminine look.

Next we moved onto incorporating Salon Gerard. When we nailed down the typeface, we had to decide on the color. Black would definitely be too stark.  We played about with gunmetal and some brown shades for the text. So often there’s versions to compare, choices the consider – it’s part of the process of honing the final design.

When there’s a number of versions, I like putting them all together into a gallery so that it’s easy to compare options. Ultimately we decided on a delightful gunmetal color for Salon Gerard.


Whatever your project, let’s work together to create a design that captures your vision. In this case, it’s elegant and sophisticated, with an Art Deco twist. What’s your vibe?