Persian Wedding Invitation Delights


Persian wedding invitation delightsPersian wedding invitation delights



















I was all of a twitter to create a suite for a Persian themed wedding. The groom is Persian – so lots of lovely Persian wedding invitation delights.

This was not ‘Persian inspired’ – the couple wanted their invitation to be the border from a 1901 binding of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

The binding is a visual feast – and an exhilarating challenge to create from scratch. It was immensely satisfying to develop the antique gold background and the distressed plum color. We added the dome to the wedding invitation itself as it represents a mosque. The final touch was the splash of color given by a couple of peacocks.

A wedding suite must balance the individuality of each piece of stationery while creating a Persian wedding cohesive look for the whole suite. The reception card flipped the background and text colors, making the gold words really pop against the plum.

Persian wedding invitation delights

Color was a unifying factor amongstĀ the different stationery. We also added a grape vine motif to the body of the reception card that was another unifying feature. Since the rehearsal dinner was a different occasion from the Persian wedding theme, I created a trellis border to differentiate, while keep the grape vines.

Persian wedding invitation delights

The grape vines also made an appearance on the bookmarks. This delightful couple were giving a book as a wedding favor, with a personalized bookmark thanking everyone for coming. What could be more charming?

Persian wedding invitation delights

Are you planning on using your heritage for your wedding theme? Let’s delve into its art to create stunning designs that announce and capture what your wedding is all about.