Podcast Logo Integrating Symbolism & Cuneiform

A well respected journalist starts a new venture – a podcast featuring stories from the Arab and Muslim world. It specifically gives voice to people who have an individual tale of culture, religion, politics… and more. These are gripping voices, but ones we wouldn’t generally hear: Voices Unheard.

We wanted a clean, black and white design for the podcast logo that fits the pared down style of her website. The logo also has to look good when displayed small on iTunes.

We put the title Voices Unheard in the center of the podcast logo, making it seem spherical – emphasizing the global aspect of the podcast and also giving it depth.

CunieformSymbolism is important, so we used the cuneiform symbol for sky or heaven – it also can represent God or Deity: Diĝir. This visually indicates that the podcast will cover many topics, from Muslims and Arabs all around the world, not just those in the Middle East. At the same time, Mesopotamia and cuneiform come from the Middle East representing how your culture and religion play into your identity, even as you travel and live around the world.

What we’ve ended up with is a podcast logo design that is light and airy, yet has strong lines. It also has movement and depth. As an added bonus its beauty is steeped in symbolism.

What do you want your design to say? There are many forms of expression – let’s figure it out together.